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Dyro: Sound Architect



“In my opinion, he’s the world’s biggest up and coming DJ” – these were the words spoken by the world’s most recently voted number one DJ, Hardwell, at Ultra in 2013. Of course, Hardwell was describing none other than Jordy van Egmond, more familiarly recognised as Dyro. Since this moment occurred, there was no looking back for this Dutch breakout star.

This 21 year old Dutch architect has conquered every obstacle in his path since learning his craft almost three years ago and his list of accomplishments appear endless. His collaboration with Hardwell releasing Never Say Goodbye immediately went to number one on Beatport. He then entered the DJ Mag Top 100 poll at number 30 to become the youngest highest new entry to date.

As he continues his impressive way to the top of the DJing mountain, we stopped Dyro for a quick chat about his rapid success so far, what it was like to hear such gracious words from somebody like Hardwell and what the future holds for Jordy van Egmond. 

Dyro is a very intriguing name. Tell us a bit more about this and why you chose the name Dyro?

Dyro is actually made up of my original name, Jordy. But when I started making music, I didn’t really know what to do with my name. I was making music and the moment that Hardwell found me, I didn’t really decide upon a name so I wanted to do something that had something to do with my name so what I did was I took my original name and rearranged the letters. J-O-R-D-Y, Jordy and I rearranged it into D-Y-R-O and then just missed the J. 

You have been producing for two and a half years now on the EDM scene. How did you first get involved with it and who were your early influences?

Early influences, that’d a funny story. My early influences were guys like Hardwell, Tiesto, Laidback Luke, Dada Life – all these guys that really influenced me in the beginning and I’ve been working with them ever since. That for me is still something like, that I couldn’t have imagined when I started making music. So I feel really blessed everyday that I am able to work with these amazing artists, especially Hardwell who is doing the show tonight, he has been one of my biggest influences. He has helped me a lot and he has inspired me a lot. Also career-wise, his views, even business-wise, even on that aspect he has inspired me a lot.

How did he inspire you exactly?

For instance, in the beginning, because I am a producer by nature, I’m really like a studio person and not used to being on stage. So I had a really hard time working with crowds. So whenever I had a crowd, I would never really react or I had a crowd really minimal to the capacity. So for instance, we were in Australia and I would play in a hall of 5,000 people and there were only like 500 people because we were just opening up. It was also the first ever tour we did in Australia so obviously there was not going to be a lot of people because nobody knows you are there.

But his experience was that he would teach us that even if there was only 500 people, you should work even harder because those 500 people came for you specifically in Australia. So these are the die hard fans who you should work even harder for. But I was feeling let down in some way, so that helped me a lot realising what fan recognition was.


It’s no secret that you have collaborated with one of tonight’s acts, Dannic, in the past and quite recently on new track Radical. What was it like to work with your fellow countryman and what do you think of Dannic as a DJ in general?

Dannic has been DJing for ten or eleven years so it’s funny, like I said right now with Hardwell, I can also address it with Dannic. Dannic is an amazing DJ and his experience really shows when he’s performing. He was really underground in the beginning and is really up and coming at the moment. Dannic is an terrific DJ with a lot of experience and I still ask him for a lot of help now. For example at our EDC set, he arranged the songs and the track list. I gave him the tracks that I wanted to play and he arranged them into time coding. Honestly, I think that worked to our advantage as in it worked really well within time arrangement because he did that. He’s so professional.

That professionalism is probably based on his experience as a DJ, of which he is a master of his art and that really made itself evident when last year when we was on tour in June. We had a week off in Montreal and we decided to rent out a studio. We are like two of Hardwell’s guys at the moment and we were the only guys he was helping. Hardwell is now helping other guys too at the but back at the time it was just us two.

So we would talk about doing a collaboration with each other and it turned out to be really interesting. He is more groovy, I am more electro so we were interested in what kind of result it would give and decided to hit the studio together. It went really well and within a day we had a proper set of ideas and  understanding of what we wanted to do even if it kind of took us a while to finish it. I think that was February this year or perhaps a little bit earlier but yeah, we were really pleased with the result. It was a good experience to work with them.

Awesome. It wasn’t too long ago when Hardwell was quoted as saying “In my opinion, the’s the world’s biggest up and coming DJ” by which he was referring to yourself. Coming from many would consider the best DJ in the world today, what does this mean to you personally and more to the point, what does it mean to your career?

That obviously helped me a lot. Him shouting it out at Ultra is one of his biggest performances at the time was naturally amazing. Announcing me as the biggest upcoming DJ, for me meant the world and I wasn’t really expecting at the time as he didn’t really tell me or any of our management he was going to do that, he just had it in his mind!

We had done a song together and we were planning going to play it at Ultra but he didn’t really tell me that he was going to call me on stage and say the words he ended up saying. I think even he didn’t realise what effect it was going to have on my career because afterwards, every block picked it up, everybody picked it up like this is going to be the new guy and it helped me a lot. It helped me to become the number 30 in DJ Mag’s poll as the highest new entry as it introduced me to a lot of his fans who started voting for and supporting me so yeah, it definitely meant a lot to me.

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