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Dyro: Sound Architect



How did that feel for you to enter in at number 30 and become the youngster DJ to achieve the highest new entry in DJ Mag?

Well, when I started producing that was obviously a goal of mine. There’s always a set of goals when you start producing, you want to be a DJ, you want to be in the likes DJ Mag and Data Transmission, but I didn’t expect to be in the top 100 chart for DJ Mag for another three years. So when I made it in last year at number 30 it came as such a big surprise. That being said, I’ve kind of already accomplished all my wishes in that I was always aiming to be a top 100 DJ. I never thought I would be this high in that particular poll so at the moment I really don’t have any other wishes, I am really just taking it day by day. If I become higher or lower this year, I am still happy with the things I have accomplished last year. 

You have also collaborated with Hardwell in the past when you released Never Say Goodbye. This record reached number one on Beatport. Firstly, what was it like to work with Hardwell and how did it feel to reach number one?

Yeah, that was the first number one we released on Beatport actually. I never really think in numbers, I mean you know when a song gets recognised or if it becomes a good song or if it’s not, you see by the reaction of the crowd. Obviously, it was my first number one but it was also because of Hardwell so Hardwell usually has a number one with every single song so it was like one plus one is two. So we kind of saw it coming, but still for me it was amazing because my name was on it too and because I worked on the song just as much as he did, so yeah, it was a cool recognition.

You have performed at EDC in Las Vegas quite recently. What was that experience like and are there any personal highlights you can draw from the experience? 

It’s kind of cool. Not this year but the year before we, me and Dannic both played at EDC at the main stage and we were opening up, which hugely cool for us at the time but we had a smaller crowd which was like 20% of the main stage as everybody was just walking in at that moment. So that was really cool but this year we did a back to back set at the second biggest stage and we had an enormous crowd. I think the stage holds like 25,000 people and it was completely packed. That was out of this world; it was totally insane. I felt like last year we had 20% of a full crowd so I was thought like okay, we are now on the secondary stage and we might have a more filled crowd because we are on at a later slot but then again, we are not that big of a set of artists yet so perhaps it maybe only a 30% filled crowd but it was entirely packed, so for us, that was out of this world!

The reaction was insane, we really worked a lot on the set we were going to play and even minutes before we went on we were still in our dressing room deciding what we were going to play and what we weren’t because we had too many songs to pick from. So yeah, the response was amazing of the crowd and we couldn’t have imagined it better than what is was with a so many good responses during our set.


You have also main staged at Dance Valley and TomorrowWorld, the Electric Zoo in New York. How did your experience at EDC in Las Vegas compare to performing at each of these events and which for your was your personal favourite?

Obviously, EDC has the biggest crowd in the world but like every single festival had it’s own qualities. Like for instance, Electric Zoo is in the middle of New York, it has such a charisma to it and there is also TomorrowLand which is so international, it is in Europe, it’s in the middle of summer, which is really cool. Even Ultra is in Miami and there is an atmosphere in there and every single festival has their own qualities so there is no comparing them. I enjoy equally playing at every festival. It’s just as big of an honour playing at each of these festivals and I could never have dreamt of playing at these festivals two or three years ago, it’s ridiculous.

You are famed for being apart of the very prestigious Revealed Recordings label. What is it like working with Revealed and are there any DJ’s currently with the label making waves that are worth looking out for which you would recommend?

Obviously, Kill The Buzz is playing tonight who is doing pretty good, he is also one of Robert’s guys, one of Hardwell’s guys. Working with Revealed has been a huge experience. It has done a lot of good things for my career. It’s like a great platform to grow because they have been growing too from the beginning so in order to be with them from the point that they were growing was like a real benefit to me. They are still growing, I am still growing so we still work together really closely. I am still doing releases on their label and they have taught me a lot. It’s Hardwell’s label, he promotes every single song so that’s also a benefit. It’s really cool. Also, the Revealed family need Daan, Robert and a few other guys. It’s a straight up family, we tour together, we are together a lot which has it’s downsides as well as it’s upsides. It’s cool, it’s like a family.

Following your busy year having made appearances at Liv in Miami, Ministry Of Sound in London, The Light in Las Vegas and Space in Ibiza, the question is what is next for Dyro? Is there anything you can exclusively reveal to us? 

Actually, I am starting my own label next month. My first release is 11th August on my new label called WOLV, W-O-L-V. It’s kind of a guess I think, I don’t really know what to expect. I just wanted to see what was going to happen if I started my own label. It was just something to do on the side next to me releasing for Revealed which I will always do. It’s like, I wanted to start my own label on the side and start seeing what my own fan base has towards me in some way. So just start it on the side and see what’s going to happen. I’m starting a big tour at the end of October for six weeks. We are still working on it but we are doing a big tour in America, all over. I think it’s six weeks straight of touring, it’s going to be pretty big. Otherwise, we are just doing the biggest festivals. Creamfields, TomorrowLand and TomorrowWorld are all coming up. So, I’m busy.

Dyro’s new label WOLV’s inaugural release, the self-titled single ‘Wolv’ arrives August 11. Check out a teaser below & catch Dyro at Creamfields this August 22-24. For more information and tickets head to www.creamfields.com

Words: Matty Adams




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