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Dunk tells about his new ‘Boomerang’ EP


Internationally acclaimed Drum & Bass DJ and Producer Dunk is going to set dancefloors ablaze with his latest release, ‘Boomerang,’ which dropped on Organized Grime Recordings on 25th September.

A true luminary in the Drum & Bass scene, Dunk has consistently pushed boundaries with his exhilarating productions and mesmerizing DJ sets. With ‘Boomerang,’ he once again demonstrates his unrelenting passion for the genre, delivering an EP that’s as infectious as it is innovative.

‘Boomerang’ propels listeners into a sonic whirlwind of high-energy beats, pulsating basslines, and ethereal melodies. Dunk’s masterful production skills are on full display as he weaves together intricate layers of sound, creating an electrifying atmosphere that’s nothing short of exhilarating. The track’s relentless rhythm is guaranteed to ignite dancefloors worldwide, making it a must-have for DJs and fans alike.

Dunk’s dedication to his craft shines throughout the EP as he effortlessly combines the timeless essence of Drum & Bass with a contemporary edge, resulting in a release that captures the spirit of the genre’s golden era while propelling it into the future.

The release of ‘Boomerang’ follows Dunk’s string of successful productions and performances, solidifying his status as a leading figure in the global Drum & Bass community. With a growing fanbase and support from industry heavyweights, Dunk’s star continues to rise, and his ‘Boomerang’ EP is poised to be a pivotal moment in his career.

We had a little chat with Dunk to delve into the mastermind’s brain and find out a bit more about what went into creating this monster EP…

Could you tell us about the inspiration behind the ‘Boomerang’ EP and what led you to create this collection of tracks?

Well, to be honest, I don’t really like to think beforehand, but for the ‘Boomerang’ track I had an idea of ​​doing something dirty and minimalist and with some different vocals, then the other tracks I let flow with the same intention

What sets the ‘Boomerang’ EP apart from your previous releases? Are there any unique elements or themes you explored in this project?

The people at the record company leave me free to work as I want, and that means I have the potential to try doing different things. You could say it’s different for that reason as well all the tracks are strong.

Can you give us some insights into the creative process behind one of the standout tracks on the EP?

I always say that it depends a lot on my state of mind at that moment. I always try to read a book, sometimes films, anyway the tip can be, go to the studio wanting to show what you are experiencing and automatically people will feel that.

‘Boomerang’ has a distinct energy to it. How did you go about capturing and conveying that energy in your music?

Exactly, this is the energy that I wanted to pass on to everyone, and I think I did it hahaha I made the song in 2 days. I’m in a very good phase in my life, things are going very well and with ‘Boomerang’ I felt that people would feel that too.

Organized Grime Recordings is known for its diverse roster. How does this EP fit into the label’s overall musical landscape?

I’ve been working with these guys for a few years, so I know they always expect minimalist songs from me because this also helps differentiate the label and make it more flexible to other styles.

How do you envision your music connecting with the Drum & Bass community, and what do you hope listeners will take away from this EP?

My music is increasingly easier to listen to because I learn every day not to complicate things. I always use my musical base, soul, hip hop, jazz, so this is also one of the elements for people to understand better, and it’s easy to understand my proposal

The EP title, ‘Boomerang,’ is intriguing. Is there a particular meaning or story behind this choice, or is it open to interpretation?

It was based on the things in life, everything we did whether good or bad comes back to us, so let’s always do our best and the boomerang can be a good reflection.

As a DJ, how do you plan to incorporate the tracks from ‘Boomerang’ into your live sets, and what kind of atmosphere do you aim to create when performing these songs?

I’ve done a lot of mixes for record labels and radio stations and some good shows and the track has left me satisfied because it gives me the chance to do any type of mix, it’s a track that fits all styles of drum & bass, that’s why we’re thinking about doing a remix competition to get everyone’s energy hahaha

Dunk ‘Boomerang’ EP is out now, grab a copy from here!

Boomerang cover

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