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Renegade Masters

Renegade Masters: Dunk


Dunk has been making waves under the alias of Jam Thieves for years. The Brazilian duo made a name for themselves through their unique blend of minimal and jump-up sounds. They had an unyielding output on labels like Proximity, Serial Killaz and DJ Hype and Pascal’s Playaz Recordings.

Dunk entered 2020 with a new mission, and he decided to go solo. He has honed in on his subby, stripped-back take on Drum & Bass. The Brazilian beatmaker has been able to dabble in a wider range of styles of Drum & Bass than we’ve ever heard from him before. In particular, specialising in dingy, minimal cuts. There is a lot of creativity in him and we have premiered a number of his tracks and cannot quite believe the frequency and quality of his releases. The output from him over the last couple of years has been nothing short of mindblowing! He has consistently delivered top-tier releases and always pushes the boundaries to their absolute limits! Some say it’s about quality over quantity, but when you get both at the same time it rewrites everything you ever thought was true!

In 2021 he dropped his first-ever solo album ‘The Music Is My Life’on Dispatch Recordings, which tells the story of his years of dedication to Drum & Bass production. His debut LP was the result of many months of non-stop work, living and breathing the music – for the first time feeling he was able to deliver his musical vision in full. Working with complete artistic freedom in partnership with the label, he was able to deliver on his dream of releasing a full-length Drum & Bass album, encapsulating his love for the music and the many varied styles it represents.

Last year, he returned to Dispatch to release his second album ‘The Art of Minimal’ LP. With each release Dunk has continued to refine and enhance his output. For this second album project, he has been able to maximise the impact of his new minimal sound, still packed with that unmistakable Brazilian flavour. Striving to maintain his own individual style, ‘The Art of Minimal’ represents his personal vision for Drum & Bass. Building on the strong foundations of his debut LP, ‘The Music is my Life’, Dunk once again presents an album that incorporates his personality and life journey into the music, setting out to create a representation of himself and his experiences.

I am ecstatic to bring Dunk to our Renegade Masters series, a title I think we can all agree is absolutely deserved! There is no one around who can compare to him. With a release schedule and work ethic that is second to none, he has crafted and pushed the minimal sound to be one that everyone making that style of Drum & Bass aspires to invoke.

His mix contains tracks from himself (obvs), NEMY, Tetrad UK, DLR, Teej, Black Barrel and more!

Check it out below, free download is not available for this mix as he has included a LOT of dubs! Big ups to Hardpoint Recordings for organising this one!

Dunk artwork


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Excitement, future, friends, progress, love for music, commitment and accomplishment

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Well, I don’t have a favourite track, to be honest! I love all the tracks and during the creative process I listen to them many times I have a lot of love for them all!

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

I would say excitement, it was the first mix of the year and I really love that mix the most because I can program all my releases with a lot of excitement!

Tell us about your next EP?

I have a feature on 1 or 2 EPs coming up on Hardpoint Recordings that I’m feeling really good about! I enjoy working with these guys and I have a collab with Tetrad UK called ‘Shadows’ that is a sick track so look out for that!!

What have you got coming up?

I have releases almost every week so I always try to bring the best out of each release, and the next one will get even better!!!

When was the last time you actually raved?

I don’t remember the last rave but I remember a night at the cross club in Prague and for me, that was the night of my life so far 🙂

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

I’m a producer that loves to have songs in every corner of the world so all of you focus on the things you dream of and go after that…never give up on your dreams because anything is possible…


Dunk – ???
Nemy – Dark Spot
Tetrad – Dread (Dunk Remix)
Dunk – ???
Tetrad – Paimon
Dunk & Tetrad UK – Shadows
Dunk – Cyberdog
Black Barrel – Fabric (DLR remix)
Teej – Blackout Vip
Dunk – ???
Dunk – Pirate (T95 Remix)
DLR – ???
nemy – Odds
Dunk & Theoretical -???
Dunk – ???
Dunk & PHAROAH – ???
DLR – ???
Dunk & Alibi – Rockers
Dunk – Donkey Kong
Minor Forms – Danger
Dunk – ???
Dunk – Time Bandits
Sub Kilaaz & Gum B – Talk To Me (Dunk Remix)
Dunk – ???
Dunk – ???
Shuttle- ???
Aydn – Algorithm
Genic – The Bug
Jabaru – Quick
Reknek- Signals
Dunk -???
Teej – ???
incorporate – Traceless (Askel Remix)
Chris Issac – Wicked Games (Dunk Remix )


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