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DJ Hatcha Top 5 things to do/watch out for at Outlook Festival



From his humble beginnings in Dubstep’s cultural hub, Croydon based DJ Hatcha has nurtured the genre from its outset. Standing as one of the founding forefathers, he’s helped shaped the scene following its explosion in the early 2000’s. His influence has spanned over a decade and this hasn’t gone unnoticed throughout Dubstep’s history. Hatcha’s seminal Kiss and Rinse FM shows pushed Dubstep onto the agenda’s forefront, cementing its relevance within the UK’s melting hub of sub-culture, whilst further pushing it onto the mainstage at events across the country. He’s personally responsible for its resounding success, ensuring its longevity whilst showcasing some of their finest producers.

And after eight years of pedestalling its most important breakthrough acts, Hatcha returns with an EP set to send shockwaves across the community. Diving head first into the murky, growling undertones Hatcha reigns supreme over, the producer demonstrates exactly why he’s king of the underground. Breaking out of every paradigm set up for electronic music

Ahead of the release of his Hatcha 10 EP and his up coming performance at Outlook Festival, Fort Punta Christo, Croatia.  We asked him to give us his Top 5 things to do/watch out for at Outlook Festival.


The Stages

In regards to the stages, obviously the main closing stage is an absolute must this year, as I’ll be there! The atmosphere is incredible year on year, it’s still going strong after a decade and each time it’s getting bigger and better. With so many great artists on the line up too you know the mainstage is going to be just as incredible as the ones you’ll find tucked away across the site, which is based in a 19th century castle. The Mungos epic 1,200 capacity open air arena is impressive too, the hifi system is insane and has been every time I’ve watched a set there.

There’s even a ballroom type pit where sets are held, somewhere totally different for the usual tents provided across the UK. Noah’s ballroom is impressive, based in a circular area where the acoustics are wicked. I’ve really enjoyed watching artists play there and each time it’s like a new experience. You definitely can’t get the same venues elsewhere as you do at Outlook! There are always cool things happening from place to place.

Cool chill out areas are located throughout the site too; it can be pretty exhausting to navigate although these rest stopes do make it easier!

Boat Parties

It’s not just the stages you should check out though. With Outlook being based on a beach, there are plenty of boat parties to get involved with. The ones I’d watch out for are the Deep Medi party, obviously Hatcha & friends (where you’ll hear tracks off my new EP) and the Butterz boat party too. With all three of them you’ll have guaranteed vibes from start to finish, it’s the same every year. Plus partying on a boat is a totally different experience to what they can offer in London, especially with the weather!


I wouldn’t just check the festival though, Croatia in general is an amazing place. It’s possible to grab a bus (they run from the site three times a day) from Pula to Split, which is a beautiful city you definitely need to hit. It’s Croatia’s second largest city with wicked bars, shops and restaurants so if you’re looking for somewhere to eat away from the festival site I’d check it out. There are loads of Roman monuments too, which they’ll have tourist information for across area. It’s a nice breather away from the festival site.

The Beaches

With Outlook, you’re obviously based on the beach. However, there are loads of places tucked away you need to look out for. Like I said before, if you hit Split, you need to visit Zlanti Rat. The seafront bars are worth crawling through, although a little busier than some of the ones you can find tucked away. If you travel up to Pula you can get to the beaches of Vis too; I’d recommend somewhere like Stivina (great for photos/scenery) or somewhere like Stoncica. The thing with Outlook is sometimes you have to do a bit of travelling if you want to do the sightseeing, but it’s well worth it!



If you’re heading to Outlook this year, I’d suggest you check out Swindle. The guy is a genius and really interesting to watch, especially as he uses live equipment throughout his set. Definitely lookout for Mala too as he’s a guaranteed legend and always tears off the roof. Chimpo and the Levelz crew are great crowd pleasers and great to watch. And obviously you need to catch Zed Bias. The Garage stage will be amazing as well at the Moat, with Artful Dodger Outlook started purely as a reggae and dubstep festival and it’s one of a kind in that respect. Ten years on it’s still going strong and is an example to itself. It shows how strong the scene has become after all that time.

Grahame Farmer

Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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