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Der Extraklasse – Girl Thang EP


MEXA020_Cover.jpgLabel: MEXAScore: 8/10

Maybe it’s the global proliferation of electronic music, maybe it’s something in the waters in Latin America. Regardless of what it comes down to, there’s no doubting the region’s current penchant for all things electronic music. In this instance, it’s a up-and-coming Brazilian duo, Der Extraklasse, who team up with arguably Mexico’s most on-point and consistent label, the increasingly diverse but always excellent MEXA label, ran by one of the country’s most thrilling house music protagonists, Louie Fresco.

‘The Girl Thang’ EP sees three cuts delivered by the girls; each one with their own sound and unique charm. First up is ”Girl Thang” itself, the most sprightly and assured sounding of the lot. Infused with a series of melodic pads that warm the ears throughout, its spiky synths then add a rich vein of atmosphere to proceedings. It’s the stripped back vocals, however, that prove the cherry on top, lifting it to a sweltering, cosmic-tinged place that’s a joy throughout.

Middle effort ”Endless Road” relies on the elasticated bassline to bring the heat, with its repetitive vocal chops and its many twinkling, nuanced melodic charms acting as a gentle foil to the harsher, less synthetic sounds that dominate elsewhere. On the last of the originals, ”Black Rose” leaves us yearning for more thanks to its raft of claps and a tidy, humming synth line that’s only offset by a weight of fiery kicks and more brilliantly bemusing, left-field facets.


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