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DC Breaks- Shaman/ Let It Go



Label: Ram RecordsScore: 6/10 

It’s been a little while since DC Breaks have had any fresh Ram material out, their last offering being the four track ‘Firez’ EP. The wait is over however, as the pair finally emerges with a brand new single in the form of the mighty Shaman.

If you’ve seen Andy C DJ anywhere in the last few months and wondered what the tune is that sounds ever so slightly like ‘Messiah’ that he’s been opening his sets with, this is it. Building up steadily with some atmospheric pads and shuffling hats, the shaman-like war chant before the drop lets you know what’s about to happen. When it does drop it hits big and rolls hard. DC Breaks are amongst the best at creating big main room destroying drum and bass tunes and this is no different, cleverly balancing the line between the new sound Ram have been pushing of late with enough techy elements to appeal to the heads. Shaman is a total stomper and, for me, one of their best releases on Ram since they dropped ‘Take That’.

On the flip, Let It Go is a hybrid mish-mash of half time drum & bass, large riffs and distorted vocoder sounds. If you’re into genre tags then I suppose you’d call it drumstep with a switch up into drum & bass on the second drop. Undoubtedly the production is top notch but it didn’t do as much for me as Shaman. Drumstep as a strand of D&B is one that certainly polarises opinion amongst fans and heads alike. It’s well done but it wasn’t for me on this occasion.

DC Breaks always deliver the energy in their music and this single is just that. Two contrasting cuts from Dan and Chris, hopefully we wont have to wait so long for more.



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