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Dario D’Attis – The Good Old Days


HA022_Cover_300dpi.jpgLabel: HIVE AudioScore: 8/10

To give HIVE Audio their dues, few other record labels of a similar structure represent their country’s scene quite like they do. On their 22nd release, they draft in Swiss producer Dario D’Attis to produce he goods; a job he does with the sort of excellence that’s representative of the label he’s turning out for here.

It all starts with the original, the quite brilliant The Good Old Days. Stuffed full of melancholic ambiance, it’s a bittersweet track that, depending on how you look at it, is either a damning indictment of the current state of dance music, or a homage to the past. Speculation aside, it’s a fine record in its own right, and an auspicious start to proceedings.

Like Amine Edge & DANCE fare, the second of the originals, ‘Lfe’s a B’ joins the dots between the urban streets and the house-incline dancefloor. It ain’t subtle, but it is effective, with its raw around the edges vibe proving a fine addition to what has come before it. Two jewels here, both of which are made for the floor. After a very healthy past while, we’ve come to expect little else from the Hive boys. 


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