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Bladerunner – Late Night Caller



Label: Program Records

Score: 7/10

Chalking up release number seven now, Program welcome the mighty Bladerunner into the fold this time with two tracks that are, admittedly, a little different from a man mainly known for his more jungle style of production. But whoever saw diversity as a bad thing?

First up we have Late Night Caller. There are all the vintage elements of Bladerunner’s production all present and correct here but with a bit more of a tech ethic than usual. It warms up with some harmonious and euphoric female vocals working over keys and strings until it switches into a grimy, rising bass line beast. Stepping breaks working hard and punching through the mix even harder, it fits perfectly with the Program sound and style. Nice to hear Bladerunner mixing up new school tech with the old school style he adopts in his productions.

On the flip, Fusion delivers more gritty sounds as a slightly darker companion to Late Night Caller. It’s twanging b-line is the star here as the layered breaks step once more and eerie tones sit right making Fusion an edgy cut of head down, volume up D&B.

Program have once again brought the goods, acting as the perfect foil for its older sibling Ram, and Bladerunner has clearly considered what sound he was going for with his latest offering. More sterling work from the team over at Program.

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