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Audio Mastering for iPad



With the monumental amount of iPad apps there are in the world now-a-days, including all sorts of drum machines, synths and the like. We can now finally tell you that there is an app that allows you to work on post-composition, Audio Mastering is brought to us by Igor Vasiliev. This app which has a price tag of $9.99 will allow you to transform flat demo mixes into something a little better.

Let us not forget that at the price $9.99 this is probably a set up for the more basic changes, and is not really a replacement for a real mastering studio by any means necessary (not that it claims to be though). This is something for the people starting up or the people doing it for a hobby / a bit of fun. All this put aside, it does bode well for what the iPad apps of the future will be able to do in the realm of post-composition.


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