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They say two heads are better than one and that was certainly the case with new collaborative project Arches being born out of the artistic vision of Moonlight Matter’s Seba and Jochen of Sound Of Stereo. Announcing themselves on the scene with 2013’s pumping rework of Whitney Houston’s classic ‘It’s Okay’, supported by the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Rob Da Bank MK, Kastle, Karma Kid, Tensnake, Madeon, Armand Van Helden and Duke Dumont to name but a few, Arches return in 2014 with their debut single ‘There’s A Place’, released 7th April via Columbia.

Hailing from Belgium and fusing a forward thinking electronic sound with their love for old school house, the duo take inspiration from ‘New Beat’, a genre of dance music that was popularised throughout the late 80’s and originated from their homeland. ‘There’s A Place’ is an absorbing fusion of genres comprising an electronic soundscape built to shake dancefloors and we think Arches may quickly find themselves the dominating the airwaves with the catchy pop enthused vibes when the temperature begins to rise.  So ahead of what we’re predicting to be a big summer for Arches we invited them over to DT for a chat and in a break with convention saw them ask the questions as well as deliver the answers…

Questions from Jochen to Seba:

Describe yourself in five words?

Dedicated, persistent, creative, passionate, and constructive.

Who are your musical heroes and why?

There are so many, but some of the most influential people for me are definitely Vangelis, Quincy Jones, Giorgio Moroder, Prince, Michael Jackson, The Human league and Larry Levan. The reason being, that all these guys have/had a clear vision, musical personality and an insane set of skills. Regardless of the format and time frame, it is all about the song.

Gin or wine?

Gin! With cucumber and lemon please! Oh and make that a double one!

It’s the middle of the night, and I’m assuming you are in the studio! How come you work at night, what is it that sparks your creativity when it’s dark?

For me the night is my safe haven, it allows me to concentrate and totally get in to a project away from distractions – I usually get distracted in the daytime. For me, right now, it’s all about spending the most time making new tracks and pursuing my musical adventures.

You like wearing suits. What’s up with that? 

It’s hard to explain what a suit does to a man! I guess it’s a very subjective experience. For me personally, I think it’s such a universal format that’s stood its ground throughout the years. It makes things finished when worn, it just feels right to me. Whenever I wear a suit, I think to myself “why aren’t we born in one of those?” 

Seba, there are rumors that it is actually you inside the knights suit in the ‘There’s A Place’ video – is this true?’ 

Well, we tried, but sadly my head is too big! So, we ended up spending money on someone with a smaller head, to my disappointment. If you look closely in the video also, both Jochen and I make a brief cameo! If you can spot us, we will buy you a beer at our next UK show!

What is your favorite Sound of Stereo release?

Definitely ‘Unicorn’

Describe our new single ‘There’s a Place’ and the perfect setting to listen to it in?

“There’s a place” can ideally be listened to when a boost of morale is in order, a party is to be started or an obstacle has been overcome…Bring on that smile!

Nerdy tech question – 909 or 808?

I’ve been in love with both of these divine machines for as long as I can remember. Knowing them both so well, my preference varies from time to time. Right now though, I’d probably go for the 808!

What are your musical dreams?

I think I’m pretty much doing what I envisioned – making music with no compromises, and with musicians that I respect and admire. This obviously doesn’t mean I’ve let my ambitions go down the drain! I have so many, but for now, I think I’d love to do more collaborations towards the future and do more writing and production. 

Collaborations have always made me look at new angles, and to look at the surreal matter of music opening new and exciting doors to open in different territories. The sheer vastness of music – you’ve gotta love it! (See you out there in the desert!) 

So tell us what are the goals/plans for Arches in 2014?

We’re obviously excited about all the stuff that’s been coming our way so far, so let’s see where it’s takes us!

We’ve got a few more collaborations coming up, we are working with some exciting guests, the video for ‘There’s A Place’ has just come out, the B-side to the single and the second single with the amazing Gustaph and so much more lined up for you…Obviously we’re gonna be on the road a bit which would be a welcome treat after spending almost a year in the studio working on Arches and various other projects 

If you were to give me a nickname, what would it be?

Definitely Tintin!


Question’s from Seba to Jochen:

Describe yourself in five words?

Passionate. To the point. Creative. Impatient. Ambitious.

Describe what motivated you to start making your own music?

I don’t think there was one particular thing that got me into music. It all started when I was 14 and wanted to be in a rock band with friends in high school. I couldn’t play an instrument but decided guitar was the one for me. From what I recall, those first rehearsals were almost as funny as Ricky Gervais! But we had become better while having tons of fun. 

Later, I got inspired by electronic music and bought a laptop. Not long after I got to play music at festivals that my 14-year-old wannabe rock star self had been dreaming of! It’s a huge cliché, but I guess the love of making and playing music is what’s it all about for me.

What can people expect to hear in an Arches DJ set?

Obviously good, uplifting quality house music will be the core of what we want to bring. We do try to go further than a generic DJ set though. We bring a mix between fresh and classic house music using 4 decks with some live editing, overdubs etc., but actually you just need to come down check it out and hopefully have a great time! 

Is it true Gustaph can sing higher then Mariah Carrey?

My eardrums can confirm he does, several glasses can be my witness. No, seriously, Gustaph is a machine! But he sings with a lot of soul and emotion.

If you could reincarnate in a deceased musician, who would it be?

Not really fond of reincarnating! But, I am a big Jim Morrison fan.  

Square or Saw?


What is your favorite Moonlight Matters release?

There are so many but I think ‘Come for Me’ with Gustaph is my favorite


How would you describe the Arches sound, and what sets it apart from other music?

I think our signature lies in the combination of classic ‘old school’ house and new contemporary house vibes, topped off with chunky new beat basslines and layered with catchy vocals. 

Analog or Digital?

It’s all about combining these!

Light or Dark olives?

Definitely dark – not the sour ones, I can be very picky.

Van Gogh or Banksy?

Hmm, I’m more of a contemporary art lover, but you have got to have respect for the masters. I think I’m going to go for Banksy, though. He was the first street art artist I got to know and also loved his documentary ‘Exit through the gift shop’.

Why did you shoot the video in London and who did you work with for this?

We wanted a recognizable video that fitted the uplifting nature of the single. London is a city we both love, so it was an easy choice, as both the director and Columbia are both London based. I am very happy with the result! Patrick Kilingbeck and his team did an amazing job!

Is it true the Magician’s beard is actually a toupee made of baby hair?

Rumor is it’s actually tail hair from the elusive black unicorn and also the source of his magic.

Who are your top three producers at the moment?

Gorgon City – as they are great producers and also produce for other artists. Lancelot has been really on point lately. Kiesza.

Biggie or Tupac?

Can I get a hologram duet?

Check out the official video for Arches’ There’s A Place below. Released 7th April via Columbia it’s available to pre-order now: http://smarturl.it/TheresAPlace






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