Andre Galluzzi and Dana Ruh – Nechbet Butot / WuWang

Single Reviews

aras03_web.jpgScore: 8.5/10Label: Aras The easy way out evidently isn’t a route that Andre Galluzzi and Dana Ruh are intent on travelling. The German duo have been creating quite a stir of late, with their mildly experimental take on house and techno finding favour on seminal imprints such as Ostgut Ton and Cocoon.

Their latest release, the double A-sided ‘Nechbet Butot / WUWang’ is cut from a similar cloth, with both records scrupulously produced and layered with curious, intricate sounds.

“Nechbet Butot” offers a case in point. Menacing and thoroughly unpredictable, it starts off a whimsical tip, a trait it adopts throughout the course of an incident filled ten-minutes.

“WuWang” is structured on a similarly meticulous basis, with even more abject tones facing off against a barrage of off-kilter moments. The highpoint however, arrives when the dark-as-you-like bassline enters the equation at the track’s darkest, closing moments. Scarier than a Monday morning – but far more enjoyable.