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Akra – TunnelVision EP



Label: Teng Release: Out Now

Label head Nick Woolfson, under his AKRA guise, turns in a trio of deep and mysterious house tunes for his Teng imprint. Stemming from the original mix two remixes, from Matthias Voigt and Iron Curtis are added.

The a-side builds slowly refusing to be rushed the build takes a few half steps back before the first warm sustained chord line even gets introduced. The point at which it gets going is difficult to pinpoint, if you can really say it does at all. Once you’re in “TunnelVision” delivers the kind of house music of an impossible to describe nature (for me at least, i think “dark” doesn’t really do it justice) mood but difficult to describe beauty. Key, keys and keys in their various organic and processed forms combine with measured machine derived percussion creating a feel of nonchalant focus.

Whatever type of tunnel the original is construing Matthias Voigt gets the mahogany out and installs struts in it. Behind the solid kick and rolling bassline the Akra’s understated feel is maintained with a little added pulsing to each element. The natural piano line is pitched up giving contrast and a little height to the mix toward the closing half.

Iron Curtis gets a bit more choppy and uses the source material as a soundboard for a bit of weird acid playtime. Loads of elements and sounds for the closer listener but constructed tastefully so it could add a bit of intrigue to a set without marking a sore thumb moment.

Solid imaginative stuff from all involved and a good release as a whole piece: highly playable tracks individually too…


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