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Eatbrain returns with 2nd part of ‘Divergence’ series


Eatbrain is back with the second instalment of their ‘Divergence’ series with a vengeance! Featuring 16 exclusive tracks & VIP mixes from artists across their roster, they’ve covered the width and breadth of the Neurofunk spectrum in staggering style. Which comes as no surprise really, considering Eatbrain’s long history in Neurofunk, with label head Jade and his ever-growing crew now one of the scene’s most recognisable brands.

Hidden Forms return opening part 2 with the big room bass in ‘Rotor’. KOLT follows with the eerie ‘Mountains of Madness’ rocking a dark and twisted bass. ‘Lost’ from Eatbrain veterans Zombie Cats punches with a mad drop and cheeky acid wobble. Mizo slams down raw energy in ‘Molten Heart’ before the huge ClashTone group shake the ground with a jungle-esque bassline but text-book neuro beat in ‘Pretender’.

Eatbrain Divergence artwork

Jade’s ‘Man Eating Lizard’ gets a rotten remix from 2Whales delivering an unrelenting beat and stomach turning bassline. Kodin & Tide’s mind screwing vocal hook and punchy drums in ‘Mouth’ promises nothing short of dancefloor chaos. ‘Burning’ gets the VIP treatment from Tobax and Agressor Bunx displays his usual sonic power in ‘Pop Up’. The Clamps and Opsen’s collaborative project Burr Oak come through with the bone-shaking wobbler ‘Orbit’. Another VIP mix gets rowdy, this time from the Fourward boys and their ‘Torn Place’.

Codex3 is up next with ‘Ravioli’ which has electro beginnings quickly descending down to the unearthly sonics of neuro. Joe Ford teams up with Shrike for ‘Face Dancer’ a twisted high energy cut. Kutlo keeps the energy high with face melting sonics in ‘Short Wire’ ahead of newcomer Liveon’s slamming ‘Basso Ostinato’. Finishing up the album is another newcomer Psychnro whose epic intro in ‘Neogen’ drags you in before dropping into chaotic drums and deep bass punches, closing what is a masterclass of Neurofunk sonics.

‘Divergence II’ is another epic collection of tracks from the Eatbrain camp. Releases like this and their steady stream of EPs has solidified their position in the drum & bass scene as kings of the Neurofunk sound. They’ve become a true force to be reckoned with, and this album is exactly why.

Eatbrain will be bringing the noise to the UK with two special events, one in Manchester on October 25th at The Bread Shed. After that, they’ll be holding things down at London’s The Steel Yard on November 15th.

Check out the ‘Divergence II’ album below and grab a copy from here


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