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30 BOOST Club Trax ahead of Egg London Show by K-OS (UK)


K-OS is a DJ/Producer from the East Coast of England, UK.

His journey into the world of dance music first began, mixing and working the faders throughout all genres of whole BPM spectrum at his local record shop. He found House music to be his calling, being incredibly influenced by the hypnotic grooves and driving basslines within Tech-House especially. This can be found in his own DJ sets, today.

Fast-forward to the present day, K-OS has been perfecting his craft as a DJ for some years. This wasn’t enough and used his influences from the music he loved from his favourite artists, to learn and create his own productions.

For our second BOOST Club event. We head to EGG LDN’s Loft with K-OS (UK) and he’s joined by No Messin, Theon Bower, Kim Hunter, K-OS (UK) and Funkytino! 

Our Club Trax playlist is full of the biggest tracks you will hear out and about at the moment. This week, K-OS (UK) give his 30 Club Trax ahead of our BOOST Club at EGG London on Friday 5th July!

You can grab a ticket here or need a hotel head to booking.com.

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