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Reviewed: Alex Klein ‘First Relic’ EP


Debuting with the fresh sounds of SUBMIT Records, London-based Alex Klein presents a bubbling sonic of archaeologically-inspired Techno, laden with finely tuned lush synthesis, and staccato vocal chops.

From the springy Tech bounce of the title track, ‘First Relic’ is a solid EP full of interesting layers, and melodious elements… without being “Melodic Techno”. The opening track has musical gestures, space and ambience in abundance, providing a very listenable experience at the desk as much as on the dance-floor.

The following track, ‘Temple Of Resonance’, continues much of the stylistic traits prevalent in its predecessor, and one would assume this is an originality inherent in Klein’s uniquely cultivated sound.

The lush chordal swathes in the opening sequence of ‘Transmigration’ employ a building anticipation that, coupled with more gestured subtleties, promises more of what has been… before breaking those promises and delivering an unexpected but very palatable “left-ing of bass”. Beautiful but dirty, this piece shows that Klein appreciates and provides an evolution in his music – something that will keep fans interested, and inspire a desire to see him perform his work live.

The Lawrence Hart remix of the title track, however, opens with familiar territory, but is quick to keep things moving beyond it; pushing it off the edge, and on to a broader dance-floor, where it brings an arguably more mainstream sound to the EP without sacrificing credibility, and instead retaining its underground vibe. Emphatic, if not joyous, the track features textures that give way to some energizing drops throughout, all in all enabling the piece to soar towards “Bangar” status.

Contrast this then, to Throwing Snow’s remix of ‘Temple Of Resonance’: an equally melodious and elevating roller, that again ups the ante on the source material, without ever overshadowing it. His sound very much in line with his live show – a highly recommended endeavour! – the track is a fitting inclusion.

But as it closes on an extended version of the squidgy, synthy, title track, the repeated sound comes warmly welcomed, like an extended reprise, concluding the EP effectively and on a greatly enjoyable groove.

Accompanied with an animated visual by Alberto Eggmund, which seems to channel a reminiscence of Mr. Scruff’s ‘Get A Move On’, ‘First Relic’ EP is a solid outing for SUBMIT Records, and a very promising debut for Alex Klein. Again, I would be keen to catch a live show off the back of this EP, but until then, he is definitely one to watch out for.

Watch the video below:

Alex Klein’s ‘First Relic’ EP drops on 3rd April and is available from here