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elrow and Desperados unveil Home Sessions to encourage virtual social partying


As everyone adjusts to this ‘new normal’. elrow wants to bring the magic directly into the homes of their fans.

Having partied with Desperados since 2016, they’ve shared the same passion from the beginning. This is to create the unexpected for partygoers around the world. By teaming up on these virtual sessions, elrow are able to continue to deliver unforgettable experiences. With the big aim to keep the party going for fans as they adjust to their new way of life.

After seeing the international success of elrow’s live sessions converted to a live program format with its residents. The Barcelona entertainment company, together with Desperados, have announced their agenda for next month of April.

This agenda is loaded with exceptional talent consisting of international artists such as TechnasiaManu GonzálezMarco FaraoneFer BRYousefMeleDennis Cruz and Rafa Barrios.

And in case you miss it, elrow and their digital collaborators will share the sessions in full through the following official channels on Facebook and Instagram.


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