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Murat Uncuoglu – Dummy EP (Isolate)


Brand new label Isolate has started life with a stormer from Murat Uncuoglu.

Murat, however, isn’t a newcomer with his roots firmly in the Turkish scene, but a Global reach via a stint in London where he engineered for Acid House luminaries BAM BAM and Marshal Jefferson before returning home to pursue a career as one of Turkey’s top DJs.

The two track EP has captured that difficult to reach middle-ground between house and techno, perhaps even with a sprinkle of progressive.

‘Dummy’ is serious, chunky business driven by a percussive groove but underpinned by an arpeggiated bass riff that gives it a touch of the acid house but also a leaning towards techno. It’s moody and powerful and when the lovely synth riff kicks in about half-way through it takes it in a lusher, lighter direction. When the drums and bass kick back with a lovely squiffly pad the whole thing goes stratospheric. Without losing the groove ‘Dummy’ has managed to be a peak-time moment.

‘Paradise 25’ is more of a groove. But it’s still a very solid piece of naggingly chunky club fodder. Close your eyes and tune in, it will take you away to a place that is slightly psychedelic and a little attention grabbing – “come dance will you, step inside” it’s saying.

The production on both tracks is excellent, clear, loud and crisp without being cluttered or busy. The arrangements are loose enough to let the tracks breathe and the vibe is modern and fresh.

Bonafide support from Dixon & Amé, Eagles & Butterflies, Frankey & Sandrino.

A bounding inaugural offering. A word to the wise, watch this label closely they have potential to do good things.

Score: 8.5/10

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