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Michel de Hey, Steve Hurley, Kym Sims – A Little Bit More (Rejected)


Once upon a time, back in the day, there was a record, a record that was of an era. It had the hooky riffs and shimmering pianos and that Steve Silk Hurley garage sound that is so instantly recognisable. But more than just a garage track, this record is a song, and the vocal is beautiful because it’s the incredible Kym Sims. It’s catchy, virtually pop music, but if you were lucky enough to have been around in that post-rave garage era that swept through the UK from the USA you will remember the beauty of being in a club and working the floor to these wonderfully crafted pieces of house music.

Approaching this update with some trepidation (it could all be so wrong) I was completely and immediately swept up in the beauty and ridiculous, Balearic energy wrapped around this new version. The piano hook is there front and centre, some of that catchy Kym Sims vocal is there too but most of the rest of it is built fresh from the ground up. This is house music like we hardly ever hear anymore. It’s invigorating, up-tempo, uplifting and just a damn-right celebration of life. The groove is epic, brought bang up to date with solid bass, soaring strings, snappy drums and crystal clear, loud-as anything production. Nestled in the mix amongst deep-house or techno it’s the moment that makes everyone smile, remember friendships and throw shapes.

But really it’s an end of night tune, a sunrise on the beach, a return to the halcyon days of house in a time machine made of beats and bass. I could not love this any more. Perhaps if I could take it back to Amnesia and dance to it in the courtyard under the stars. But that would be impossible, wouldn’t it?  

Score: 8.5/10

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