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Konvex & The Shadow – Sources (Frankey & Sandrino remix) AZZUR


Last year’s mid-tempo, vocal chugger on super cool French label AZZUR gets a devastating, deep remix from up-and-coming production team Frankey & Sandrino. Following releases on Innervisions and Kompakt you might say that stock in Frankey & Sandrino is rising, and quite rightly so. They have a ‘sound’, a vision, and the quality is way up there.

I wouldn’t hold it against you if you missed last year’s original and whilst it was a good release, the vocal was definitely stand-out (think understated Florence) and worthy of the remix logic.

In this case the fit between producer and vocal is an excellent match, the song flows so well it doesn’t sound like a remix more of an original production.

The instrumentation, whilst relatively slow oozes soul and power with it’s rumbling bass tones, gentle melodies, sometimes searing synths and almost tribal undertones. What I like is the effortless rhythm, the ambience and journey pulling you in like you’re listening to a great story. This is modern deep house, classic sounding yet driving.

I struggle to think who might play this, but that makes it better, it makes it an outsiders choice and we all know that’s where the gems are. Certainly it’s a record you’d check the track list for or lean across the CDJ’s for a sneaky peek.

If the purpose of reviewing music is to share wonderful tracks that might get overlooked then today we have done our job.

Score: 8.5/10

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