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Forerunners – Magnetic Quartz’ EP (onedotsixtwo)


UK imprint onedotsixtwo has been in style all year long, and their latest release is one of their best so far.

Label boss Tripswitch has been carefully curating a unique brand of pure progressive house, and ‘Magnetic Quartz’ by Forerunners is a wonderful addition to the catalogue.

Just right from the start, “not too hard, not too fast” in the words of Hernán Cattaneo. A gorgeous affair, where intricately arranged percussive patterns light up the road that leads to absolute bliss. This is no doubt this is Forerunners at their finest.

In a time when we hear a lot of producers going for massive ‘hands-in-the-air’ breakdowns where the melody can shine brighter than the sun, Forerunners goes for the least travelled road. A magic trick, he saves his best for the absolute last.

One of the coolest lines to grace dance floors in a while, comes out to play right at the drop.

An absolute piece of ear candy, that just fits into the groove like a glass slipper. Boy, do I wish I had written this one. I have no doubt ‘Magnetic Quartz’ will prove to be a hand raising moment for some time to come.

It’s funny that I quoted Hernán Cattaneo earlier. Since, on the flip side, we’ve got two absolute A listers teaming up in the shape of label boss Tripswitch, and none other than the maestro himself, Hernán Cattaneo.

A deeper, more seductive vibe takes over on this one, as the duo crank up the tasty latin sounding percussion to 11 on the dial, sending the melody line to the foreground to paint a wide, cinematic landscape. A versatile track, that will works for sunsets, warm-ups, and main sets alike.

Overall ’Magnetic Quartz’ has something for every progressive house lover. Whether it’s the lush original by Arizona’s very own Forerunners, or the dreamy, sexier take by Tripswitch and Hernan, you’ll be hearing this one everywhere you go.

An EP that keeps on playing loud and clear, even once the party is over. Even if it’s inside your head.

Guest review from Partenaire.

Score: 8.5/10

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