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Sasha & La Fleur – Förbindelse (Last Night on Earth)


I love this collaboration for a number of reasons. Firstly La Fleur is not so much of a rising talent as a juggernaut of electronic music travelling at top speed on the autobahn. A bonafide talent and force of nature whom seem like a shoo-in to be a DJ and producer, it was just meant to be that way.

Secondly, La Fleur has done something that must be not too easy, to influence and compliment Sasha’s sound at the same time. The collaboration track ‘Förbindelse’ means ‘connection’ in Swedish and that is more than fitting because you can see there is one between La Fleur and Sasha. Their rubber-bass, solid house offering is straight up intelligent club-fodder. No messing with long breakdowns or unnecessary elements, ‘Förbindelse’ is a smart as hell, straight-up club track that is full of energy, melody and good times. The melody is beautiful, like sitting by a burbling river on a summer’s day and watching the clouds float past.

You can hear the Sasha right there, but the kick is huge, the bass is up-front, loud and round and in general this is a tool designed to make you move. You can certainly imagine ‘Förbindelse’ kicking the crap out of the bass-bins at La Fleur’s residency at Watergate or in any Sasha set.

‘Rooned’ takes things a little harder, keeping that signature big kick and crossing over, perhaps, into techno territory. This is a La Fleur solo track and she certainly brings the energy, and it’s dressed up like bass. It’s already pretty rocking during the build-up but when the bass drops it is monstrous. ‘Rooned’, is a mover and a groover but let’s make no mistake, it’s absolutely banging. The ethereal pads give it texture and the melodic inserts give it soul, but at it’s core this is smart as heck machine music to make you dance.

There has been a lot of talk about women in electronic music recently. Surely La Fleur is a benchmark, talented, motivated and doing the business. What else do you need? A bit of Sasha maybe? Oh go on then.

It feels like a re-revolution in electronic music at the moment, there is so many incredible tracks around. This release is one of them. Miss this, you guessed it, at your peril.

Score: 9/10

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