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Fabio Aurea – Yini (Serge Devant, Armonica, Frederick Stone Remixes) RADIANT


It’s rare I say this, but every single release I have heard on RADIANT has been a belter. Rollicking up to their 10th release with Black Circle ‘Foolish’ (forthcoming and it’s another goodie) but the prior release from Fabio Aurea has been a consistent feature in my sets and I just can’t put it down.

The original, from September last year, was a blissed-out vocal track treading that crossover line of melodic, deep house and progressive that RADIANT do so brilliantly and saw the label finding its sound and establishing its credentials.

I’m not a fan of remix packages, but there are some exceptions. When a gem of a track has gone under the radar and there are remixers who are of the right style and quality to elevate the original release I’ll get excited. With Serge Devant and Frederick Stone on board there’s no reason for this release to be overlooked. If you don’t know either of these artists you’re missing out, Serge Devant‘s excellent ‘White Groove/Connect to Server’ on Crosstown Rebels was an enormous groove and Frederick Stone‘s ‘Haiti’ was one of my biggest tunes of 2018.

There is a trifecta of remixes on offer. Serge Devant take the apex position with a remix that was both immediate and has grown in my sets and playlist. At first listen it’s deep. The subtlety and depth are fantastically intense, building through the arrangement with a mid-set worker that is so bass heavy its musical theory must have been worked out with quantum mechanics.

Frederick Stone has been carving himself a reputation of quality progressive house for some time. His style fits perfectly into the RADIANT label’s sound which appeals to housier DJ’s and crosses over into tech-house territory too. Frederick‘s remix is quite typical of his solid, building arrangements, gentle on the one hand but tough and aggressive on the other. The breakdown on this remix is extremely powerful without being cliche. 

Italian production partners Armonica take the final corner with a tribal backed, shuffling yet melodic eight minute houser making great use of the vocal (this is most definitely a vocal track) and layering lush pads and subtle melody throughout. This really is a cracker and programmed in the right place will do some damage. The treatment of the vocal is very mature here, the Italian sound brought bang up to date.


I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again. RADIANT is doing some very good business with its solid A&R and finding a niche and sound of its own. If you don’t know get to know.

Score: 8.5/10

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