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DJ Samer – Diaspora (Bedrock)


John Digweed’s inimitable label Bedrock is the perfect home for DJ Samer’s ‘Diaspora’. Despite John showing his eclecticity during lockdown, his ear is most tuned to groove ladened, atmospheric progressive house that moves floors but treads the fine line between pushing the boundaries of current sound and having the hallmark of quality that makes Bedrock releases so timeless.

Samer has been slowly breaking through to the upper level of the progressive house scene with contributions to John’s respected ‘Quattro’ album and via his own label Pangea Recordings. He has consistently been a nurturer of up-and-coming talent, which makes his success gratifying to see, but it really is all about ‘Diaspora’ a restless, shifting soundscape, thoughtful and driving.

Such is the link with the track’s title, ‘Diaspora’ meaning the dispersion or spread of people from their homeland. ” The meaning behind my original music and label is to bring hope to humanity, especially those who feel like they don’t fit in or have been forced somewhere they may not feel right” says Samer. “The track symbolises toughness, yet hope. Fitting in can be a slow process that builds, similar to music in many ways”. This thought process translates directly to ‘Diaspora’, its driving bass groove giving forward momentum, the ethereal pads an out-of-body worldliness, and the vocal snippets a rallying cry.

‘Diaspora‘ may be deep and pensive, but it’s unusual for those elements to cross-over into such a snarling monster, relentless in its pursuit of movement, a journey through clever arpeggios (think Origin Unknown – Valley of the Shadows) and tinkling riffs and that thrusting bass groove.

The more you listen, the more you find tucked away in this puzzle of a record, the more you unlock the more satisfying it becomes to listen.

No remixes, no other tracks, this is progressive house in its purest form; ‘Diaspora’ speaks for itself. This is treasure and ‘Diaspora’ marks the spot.


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