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Diezmo prepare to unleash ‘Give Me Love’


‘Give Me Love’ marks the start of a new journey into Drum & Bass from production duo Diezmo. Here Juan and Gelby turn their attentions from the house, garage and Latin productions into the notorious 174bpm, creating their own signature Drum & Bass sound. they have used unique layers of percussion and brass stabs, overlaid with female vocals from one of the UK Drum & Bass scene’s ‘Royal’-ty. We know Diezmo are bringing a fresh new dimension to the scene with this release and more of their forthcoming bangers.  

Gelby and Juan met in London in 2016 and soon after started co-producing and releasing bass music of different sub-genres such as UK Garage, Trap and Moombahton under the name Diezmo. They also share a love for the world and ethnic influenced electronic music which led them to start a side project called @Carthnage in 2018. The evolution of Drum & Bass in the last few years has re-captured their interest and reignited their lifelong passion for Drum & Bass. They now intend to make their name within the beautiful genre and are working hard to prepare a debut EP to be released later in this year.  Keep ’em peeled for more to come soon! 

But, back to today and our premiere of ‘Give Me Love’ which opens with lush vocals and lyrics and brilliant use of sounds. Before long a trumpet kicks in along with a deep bassline. The production levels on this track are sublime. And I for one have high hopes for these guys!

Check out ‘Give Me Love’ below. It drops on 23rd July and will be available for you to grab from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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