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Davide Squillace & Nolan ft. Jaw – Drive Good (Rebellion)


The coming together of talented artists to collaborate and turn out amazing product does not always work. With competing tastes and ways of producing, things don’t always click. When collaborations flow it shines through and that’s exactly what has happened with Davide Squillace and Nolan‘s ‘Drive Good’.

On paper there’s really not much to dislike here; David Squillace‘s resume is impeccable as part of electronic super group Better Lost Than Stupid and as resident for the iconic techno brand Circoloco. His release schedule is ever growing, as is UK producer Nolan who has picked up some incredible traction this year with releases on LNOE, Mobilee, Bedrock and Circus amongst others. His production pedigree and ability to apply his sound to a variety of genres and situations is fast propelling him into the top tier of the electronic who’s who.

What I love about this story is the way ‘Drive Good’ came together; the two had agreed to collaborate when Davide sent over some projects to Nolans Brighton studio. Straight away Nolan picked up the baton, taking the rawest sounds and shaping them into ‘Drive Good’.

The acidic, burbling, late-night groove with its Twiloesque stabs and the subtle flow and ebb of the arrangement is enough, on its own, to be a smouldering, head-down, strobe-up, 3am crowd worker.

Although Davide & Nolan have lit the fuse, Jaws vocal ignites the whole affair creating a magical coming together of groove and song.

This is the kind of unique, classic sound that has staying power. It’s the kind of tune you reach deep for at that moment you need an incendiary turn of mood.

Rick Wade turns in a liquid, Detroit house remix with lush keys and solid production. Despite this remix picking up a good amount of action (and hearing the quality you can see why) it’s the original mix that does it for me.

A really interesting collaboration with unique output. You’ll be hearing this for some time to come.

Score: 9/10

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