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Christian Nielsen – Rising Sun EP (Of Unsound Mind)


It takes a special kind of producer to be able to release music on labels as diverse as Kompakt, FFRR, Toolroom and Skream‘s excellent Of Unsound Mind. When you listen to tracks such as ‘Talking to Myself’ there is a sound, whilst not commercial, is attention grabbing enough to cross over to a more mainstream audience. You can also hear a similar treatment of sounds in his more underground releases that make them more accessible but sill retaining the sensibility to appeal to club DJ’s and cooler floors.

There are three tracks here and they are all relentless in energy and most likely appealing to house and techno floors and all that spans in between.

The opening track ‘Rising Sun’ takes the big-room techno kick and sidechain ‘ducking’ effect that is so current and marries it to an almost Bicep style, pitched down vocal that sounds catchy and gives significant interest. The genius in Christian‘s production however, are the synth melodies. He manages to layer bold arpeggios, stabs and riffs without it sounding crowded and making them counter each other beautifully. ‘Rising Sun’ is a peak-time banger, a big track to put even more energy into the top of your set.

I Need’ isn’t too far away from feel and content from ‘‘Rising Sun’, perhaps a little deeper with a rumbling bass taking a key element slot, but the catchy vocal elevates the track and gives it that trademark Nielsen sound. The drums are driving and somewhat funky and the arpeggios carry the interest throughout. When the track kicks and screams itself out of the break at about 4 minutes it slams. Another peak time moment, but a peak time moment with groove.

The third track ‘No Time For Sleep’ is absolutely killer. What Christian does is bring together the elements that make up his sound but in ‘No Time For Sleep’ they gel together to make a real composition. The lead melody is catchy but not too in your face, the drums and percussion allow everything to breath leaving enough space in the mix for the vocal. There’s a counter melody and a stellar riff in the break. This isn’t just a stand-out track of the EP it’s a stand out track of the night.

The only thing wrong with this release is the order of the tracks. ‘No Time For Sleep’, to my ear, is a lead track and somewhat of a slow-burn classic. Get on it and support great quality, big-room music.

Score: 8.5/10

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