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Buraki – Silk EP (Bedrock Records)


Bedrock turned 20 last year, and they dive into 2019 in full force as they unveil their brand new BurakiSilk EP’. A hybrid, a sublime cross-breed, it is techno that delves into progressive territory. “Some people do for years and years the same. I like to change, I like new challenges and this is a new challenge for me with a different setting” says its creator. As Buraki, Belgian techno stalwart, Marco Bailey taps into a deeper well.

‘Silk’, the title track, is built around a techno frame, a pulsating arpeggio signals what’s about to come. It’s past midnight somewhere. Smoke and throbbing lights intertwine, as a gorgeous lead blazes through the track, consuming everything on its path with distinct grace. Moving through the wind like a thread of silk, as filtered hats bring forth a ravers nostalgia.

The next two tracks are variations on the same melodic techno growler. ‘Cordoba’ is brought to life with two mixes ‘Into the Light’ and ‘Into the Dark’ mixes. The first mix, ‘Into the Light’, showcases a spiraling moment, skywards, as you get to experience the warmth of the sun one more time.

The closer, ‘Cordoba (Into the Dark)’, Marco Bailey takes a detour into the shadows. The Belgian mastermind replaces the synth that led the way in the previous version, trading it for processed percussion and reverb drenched effects, for a more obscure take that proves to be just as powerful.

Both versions provide for extremely emotional rides, and balance themselves perfectly with the peak-time raw energy that can be found in the title track, ‘Silk’. Buraki finds Marco treading a new path as he shows us a more personal sound.

Score: 8/10

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