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19Hundred – Oh Boy



Label: Soundplate Records
Score: 7/10

It may be the end of summer and the temperature may be getting a bit frosty but that doesn’t stop some people from insisting on inflicting their positive, sunshine soaked feelings and forcing them into the giant chasm of moody dance music. Dance-pop collective 19Hundred’s new single ‘Oh Boy’ provides summer-spirit and festival anthem aplenty, ready to warm the cockles of Duke Dumont fans everywhere with it’s soaring vocals and infectiously familiar bassline.

Yup, ‘Oh Boy’ takes a poison arrow and aims it straight at your heart, with acid drop bass tomes EQ’d into an uplifting melody, while kick drums boom in the background and DAZE’s vocals bounce along with the track. Skippy, shiny and breezy, it’s not envelope pushing or experimental in any way whatsoever – but for those still struggling after a summer season packed with festival shenanigans and Ibiza hangovers, it’s got fond memories and high times written all over it.