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Wata Igarashi Offers up Free Download to Raise Cancer Awareness



Here at Data Transmission, we’ve always prided ourself on our ability to focus on the positives. It’s kind of our thing. That’s not to say we don’t often hate things, we just don’t find it a productive use of our time to write scathing reviews when we could be highlighting something we love instead. Today however we’re going to have to talk about something we hate. Cancer. Affecting 1 in 3 of us at some point in our lives, it takes far too many of our loved ones each and every year.

Hope is at hand however with research coming on leaps and bounds in how to treat cancer but there’s still lots more to be done before we can say we’ve beaten the disease.  That’s why Wata Igarashi is giving away a new track titled ‘Valve’. Released in memory of Mariana Wax boss Dave Twomey, the Japanes producer free download hopes the free download will help raise awareness and encourage people to donate to cancer charities.

Donate to cancer research here and tream/download ‘Valve’ below