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Jas Shaw – Love Doubled



Label: Delicacies
Release Date: Out Now

We make no secret of our appreciation of Simian Mobile Disco here at Data Transmission. It’s hard not to be impressed with an act that seamlessly flick between live shows and DJ sets, retaining their audience whilst refining a constantly evolving sound. Electro, techno and house, the dynamic duo have mastered it all, delivering a slew of genre hopping albums on the way.

Generating almost as much excitement as a fresh SMD release here at DT HQ came news that Jas Shaw would be temporarily going solo whilst James Ford was off producing other bands. Titled ‘Love Doubled’ the three track EP harks back to the sound the pairing were pushing whilst constructing their album ‘Unpatterns’ which combined a heady concoction of techno influences, their signature to off-kilter melodies, and a certain indefinable British-ness into one thoroughly danceable package. ‘Unpatterns’ felt like the record that SMD had been trying to make since bursting onto the dance-music scene in the mid ‘00s, capturing their ability to absorb and respond to what is going on in club culture, without ever foregoing any artistic integrity. As such, ‘Love Doubled’ feels very much like an EP made up of tracks that tragically never made it onto that album but managed to still come to light, shuch organic feel to their production.

The title track is built on an infectious groove, with booming bass underpinning an almost surgical sounding melody. Building subtly and with plenty of underground hypnotics, the cut quickly fires into a lively celebration over its span of just under eight minutes and will be sure to be moving soles this winter. ‘It’s Not The Clock That Tells The Time’ then ramps up the energy levels, serving up a fresh helping of jittering, frenetic energy guaranteed to lift raise the roof of even the most lethargic of dance floors. The final track of the EP, ‘To Mock A Killing Bird’ then closes out the release in a serene manner. Celestial and floating, it eases through a variety of shimmering sounds on a bed of aptly ambient hues for the most composed of finishes.

A release that will demand attention, it’ll be little surprise to those who’ve followed SMD and their label Delicacies that Jas’ solo effort for their imprint has once again seen him come up smelling of roses. Keep up the good work Mr. Shaw!



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