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Simian Mobile Disco announce new album ‘Welcome To Sideways’



Carving their way into the electronic music scene with their modular synthesizer weaponry over the last decade or so, Simian Mobile Disco are making a gallant return to their dance roots with their latest album Welcome To Sideways, out on their imprint Delicacies on Friday, November 11.

This new release is a slightly radical departure from their previous experimental leaning Whorl album, composed in the fitting environment of Joshua Tree in Southern California.

James Ford and Jas Shaw have been on hiatus since wrapping up their 2015 Whorl tour, both pursuing personal endeavors, side projects, and putting out EPs and few singles. 2016 marks a fresh chapter for the duo as they prepare their highly anticipated album to murder and to breathe new life into the dancefloor.

Those familiar with the more spontaneous burgeoning sounds of Attack Decay Sustain Release and Temporary Pleasures will find that Simian Mobile Disco have reconciled with a darker spirituality in Welcome To Sideways. The album contains a potent anthology of ten original tracks, appropriately titled and ready-made in a reductive fashion to showcase the refined bare bones character of minimal techno.

Get a taste of the new Simian by streaming a preview of their album ahead of its release.

1. Happening Distractions
2. Faraway From A Distance
3. Bubble Has No Answers
4. Staring At All This Handle
5. Face To Face With Spoon
6. Space Is Full Of Ringing
7. Remember In Reverse
8. Flying Or Falling
9. Drone Follows Me Everywhere
+ 10. Welcome To Sideways (A Delicacies Mix)


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