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DNYO – Flare (Juicebox Music)


Danny Olivera. Danny Loko. DNYO. One of these should ring a bell by now. With a career that spans over a decade, and releases on household imprints like LNOE, Anjunadeep and microCastle, the Brazilian artist is one of the most avant-garde producers on the scene.

‘Flare’, the opening track, is nothing short of beautiful. In a track that sways between darkness and light, Danny takes us by the hand, as he shows us colours that have never been seen. We feel the fever rising, as we toss and turn following the trek of an arpeggiated riff that wonders straight into this mercurial drop, where emotions collide.

The lead track comes in two astounding variations. In the ‘Beatless Mix’, Danny strips ‘Flare’ right down to its soul, in what feels like everlasting bliss. But it is in Petar Dundov’s hands that ‘Flare’ becomes an absolute showstopper. Trading in the original structure for a jet-black framework, the Croatian maestro crafts a masterpiece that feels timeless. On a class of its own, this remix takes everything that makes ‘Flare’ an instant classic, and lifts it up all the way to the heavens and beyond. A slow-burner for the ages, it’s just one of those tracks that awaken a new sensation. A revelation of sorts, If you will.

On the flip side, we find ‘Children’. A stark place, worthy of the most cavernous basements. A place where lost souls meander, looking for their true meaning. Hopeless voices sway in and out, contrasting against a rock-solid bassline. While the concept might sound familiar, Danny certainly treads a new path, creating his own and unique brand of progressive house.

‘Flare’ is a perfect example of the high-quality music progressive house lovers have come to expect, and shows why the India-based imprint Juicebox has become a tastemaker in its own right. Moody. Broody. Emotional. Call it what you will. But we call it DNYO.

Score: 8.5/10

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