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Quivver – One Darker EP (Bedrock)


John Graham is a household name in electronica circles. Whether in Tilt, Hybrid, as Skanna or Quivver, his contribution to the electronic music scene is undeniable. Now, he lands yet again on UK’s legendary Bedrock with a showstopper of an EP in ‘One Darker’, the progressive stalwart proves to be in top form.

Both tracks on ‘One Darker’ are provided by Graham himself. In fact, they are both different takes on the same track, but the contrast is ample, and that on its own is quite a feat. In the original take (as Quivver) he opts for a 4:4 take on deep, progressive house. Narcotic as ever, the warm groove is bound to make hips sway. The British maestro expertly crafts an earthquake of a low end, while beautiful shapes and forms make themselves tangible, in what already feels like a classic, straight from the future.

Always the innovator, John puts his recently revived Skanna alias to down for a masterclass in breaks & D&B. Prior to his recent remix of Sasha’s ‘Rooms’, Skanna had been dormant for almost 20 years. Now back with a flourish, he reworks ‘One Darker’ in a timeless fashion. The zero-gravity remix feels like a living, sentient creation. Featuring a growler of a bassline that contracts and expands at will, while the same shapes from the original materialize in shifting patterns for a seductive take on the genre.

One Darker’ feels like a unique blend of past, present and future, like only someone like Quivver can provide. Not to mention that it proves that breaks is making a much-needed comeback to the main stage, this release is not only a testament of John Graham’s legacy in electronica, but it is yet another display of quality, Bedrock sound.

Score: 9/10

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