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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Maywood


Maywood is a 19 year old DJ that grew up in Cornwall and this was where he became an avid fan of Drum & Bass, even though there is a lack of venues down there it was all he and his friends listened to. Maywood now lives and studies (accounting) in Bristol (the great hive for Drum & Bass) at the University of West England. He has been DJing for 3 years, and has played a couple of sets for DNBHiitTheFloor at Motion (Bristol) and Move (Exeter). He has yet to play out at a rave but that is next in his plan so hopefully, that will happen this year!

Maywood is inspired by artists such as Visages, QZB and Data 3, who he says “Would be my main three inspirations as I’ve been listening to all their tracks since 2017 and just can’t get bored of them”.

His favourite artists are currently, Koherent. But when he’s not listening to the darker side of Drum & Bass, he would say Pola & Bryson“Their remix of ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ by BOP & Subwave is too good, as well as ‘Decay’, ‘Neverend’, ‘Under’ and loads more”.

Maywood was introduced to Drum & Bass the same way many are, by his older brother. His brother picked him up from work one day and played him ‘Lumberjack’ by Serum and it basically all just evolved from there.

Today, Maywood joins our Renegade Riddims series with a brand new mix to showcase his technical skills and track selection. The mix features music from the likes of Amoss, QZB, Halogenix, Klinical, Koherent, Skeptical, Arkaik, Visages, Creatures and loads more!

Check it out below and if you’re feeling it then you can download it for free here!


Maywood artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Dark and groovy vibes all the way through.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

If I had to choose one, it would have to be Stab Trilogy by Koherent. The old school RnB-sampled vocals and the dark melody all the way through just make it an absolute belter.

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

For me there’s a few essential ingredients, I’d say it’s simply to keep up the tempo of the mix for as long as possible, whilst also allowing it to flow nicely through experimental doubles and then some nice soulful vocal breaks as well along the way.

What have you got coming up?

Nothing concrete as of yet. At the moment, I’m just entering as many DJ competitions as possible to try and get my first set at a rave, so I guess you could say that is the current goal I’m working towards.

When was the last time you actually raved?

It would have been at Lakota around mid-February, I saw The Sauce + Strategy and it was wicked!

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

This mix is simply made up of my favourite tunes from my favourite producers so be sure to support the artists listed in the tracklist. I hope you enjoy listening it guys! Many thanks to Data Transmission for having me on!


1) Amoss – Front Left

2) Sense MC, Creatures, Philth – A Penny For My Thoughts

3) Duskee, Sustance – Scum

4) Bredren – Cuffed

5) Pola & Bryson, Strategy – Anaesthetist

6) Klinical – In Vain


8) Visages – Anecdote

9) Halogenix – Dragonforce

10) One87, Bredren – Zombie Run

11) Particle – Business Techno

12) Objectiv – Fallen Order

13) Rizzle – Pulse

14) Arkaik – Mr Slinky

15) Arkaik, Coma, Ray Uptown, DLR – Mindgames (DLR Remix)

16) Kasra, Sylla – Step & Move

17) Koherent – Stab Trilogy

18) 107, Trex – Dot Matrix (Trex Remix)

19) 107 – Dot Matrix

20) Klinical – Around Me VIP

21) Hoax, Skantia – Space Invaders (Skantia Remix)

22) Koherent – Bleep Test

23) Skeptical – Elevator

24) Halogenix, Sparkz – Sekkle In

25) Skeptical – Without A Trace

26) SHY FX, D Double E, Frisco, MC Spyda, Skeptical – Balaclava (Skeptical Remix)

27) Terrence & Phillip, KT Kinga, Recon – DNB Religion (Recon Remix)

28) Particle, Molecular – Switch Hunt

29) Dis:Turbed, T-MO – Meka

30) Bou, Kasra – Trenchfoot

31) Disrupta – Wireless

32) Alix Perez, Skeptical – Trinity (Skeptical Remix)

33) Visages, Messy MC – Para Days

34) Visages, Strategy – Lunar Eclipse

35) Data 3 – Tyrant

36) Creatures, Joe Raygun – Gonzo Transmission

37) Visages, Monty – Familiarity

38) Coma, Sense MC, QZB – Dionysus (QZB Remix)

39) Visages – 42.195

40) Rockwell – Recognise


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