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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Jungalice


Alice Gisborne aka Jungalice has grown up and spent her entire life around dance music. She aspired to be involved in the dance music scene from a very young age. She moved to Brighton (where she’s currently based) at the age of 19 and quickly found her roots in Jungle, Drum & Bass and DJing and has been working her way up the ranks.

Most weekends you can expect to find Jungalice in clubs and at festivals in Brighton and beyond. 

She’s worked at RK Bass and Rarekind Records since she was 20 and is responsible for buying, pricing, taking care of the general maintenance and using her expertise to recommend amazing music that customers might not know about. She spends most of her time, whether that’s through her job or during her personal time, fully immersed in music. 

Her style varies from 160 jungle to 360* Drum & Bass but also enjoys spinning some Dubstep, UKG and Bass music from time to time – but her heart lies with Jungle and Drums.

Today Jungalice joins the ranks of our Renegade Riddims series with an absolutely stellar mix! Featuring music from the likes of Nia Archives & Watch The Ride, Break, Total Science, 45 Roller (aka Shy FX), Ulterior Motive, Teej, AKAS & DJ Hybrid, Zero T and loads more, this is a sure-fire way to get your body moving!

Check out Jungalice’s mix below and download it for free from here!


Jungalice Renegade Riddims artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Jungle infused Drum & Bass made for the summer

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Real – Unkoded – Chronic Recordings

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

Jungle baselines

What have you got coming up?

DRS In session on the 2nd & Metalheadz on the 30th July @ Volks, Brighton. 

When was the last time you actually raved?

Hospitality On The Beach – Made sure I made the most of my time raving in between sets and eating pizza!


Mark Dinimal​ – ​Arrival

Komatic​ – ​Make Me Feel

Zero T & Myth​ – ​Read My Mind 

​ID – ID

Molecular, DLR & MC Gusto​ – ​Back To The Rave

Total Science & Break​ – ​Dogs Dinner

Teej​ – ​Nice Up The Dance (Wings Remix)

Unkoded​ – ​Step It To ‘Em

AKAS & DJ Hybrid​ – ​Make Me Feel 

War &Total Science​ – ​What Now?​

Tyrone​ – ​Come Closer

​ID – ID

Bakey Ft. Ava Knight​ – ​Dream State

Myth​ – ​No Limit 

Zero T​ – ​MYWRLD

Unkoded​ – ​Real

Nia Archives & Watch The Ride​ – ​Mash Up The Dance

Lynx​ – ​Bum Bu​m​

Particle​ – ​Glock 1​9​

Total ​S​cience & Break​ – ​Aardvark

DLR & Script​ – ​A Different Style

Total Science​ – ​Lightweight (Break remix)

Workforce​ – ​Don’t Tell (Part 2​)​

45 Roller​ – ​Outrun

Zero T & Myth​ – ​The Artikal

Joe Unknown​ – ​Ride ​(??? ​Bootleg)

KT KINGA​ – ​Red Zone

Hadley – Talking

Ulterior Motive​ – ​Keep It Moving (Break Remix)

Kublai​ – ​Emerald Funk

Command Strange​ – ​Unlimited Bass

Particle​ – ​Driving Me Craz​y​

Dj Die, Dj Randall & Dismantle​ – ​Skeematics

Fixate​ – ​What Goes Aroun​d​

DJ Hybrid & Trex​ – ​Diggin Deep

Technicolour​ – ​Satisf​y​

Backdraft​ – ​York


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