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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Dj Zent


Dj Zent real name Matthew Horton is an independent Drum & Bass producer and DJ based in Manchester. The main focus of his creations comes in a variety of shapes and sounds. Dancefloor, Tech and Liquid tend to be the main sub-genres for his sound. His all-round versatile style and sound are unique and heard in all his music.

Down to earth and open-minded, he likes to listen and support other artists. Mat is also the owner of Dreambassuk Records. Over the past few years he has had his music signed to various labels such as Serial Killaz, Jungle Cakes, Co-Lab Recordings, Four Corners Music, Sound Bully Recordings and of course Dreambassuk Records and Zent Music.

He has done a number of bootlegs, some of which we have given away as free downloads on DT. One of the free downloads, Beastie Boys ‘Intergalactic’ (DJ Zent BOOTLEG) is a massive track and has received almost 6500 streams on Soundcloud so far and still rising!

He also has a resident radio show on Rough Tempo and regularly features on fellow artist shows on Kool London, Thames Delta, 2hi, Bloc2Bloc and Dose Radio.

This is his second appearance on our Renegade Riddims series, he originally did a mix about a year and a half ago (check that out here),since then a lot has changed for him. He’s relocated from the south of England to Manchester where they have an ever-growing hive of like-minded musical individuals and collectives. Not only that but his sound has gone from strength to strength and has progressed immensely.

I’m stoked to bring him back to the series with a mix full of dubs, remixes and edits that features music from the likes himself, Simula, Dillinja, Upgrade, Jayline, SklartMafia, Break, Myth, Dimension, Filthy Habits and loads more!

Check out the mix below and download it for free here!


Dj Zent artwork

Sum up this mix in 10 words…


What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Sklart Mafia/Westman – Searching

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

True tweaks of the mixer dials

Tell us about your next EP?

My next two releases are Newskool jungle tracks coming out on Jungle Cakes and Serial Killaz release…dates TBC…

What have you got coming up?

The Midnight Massacre Gig in Bognor Regis. Forthcoming gigs with Whomp Central and Rough Tempo. Music Projects with; Jayline, DJ Direkt, Bad Habitz & MC Frost. Managing forthcoming releases with my label Dreambassuk records

When was the last time you actually raved?

420 in Manchester 🙂

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

I Love Drum & Bass Music and I love the people who love Drum & Bass Music. I try to never forget that 🙂


Dj Zent – Night Till Day

Simula – Stench    

Fre4knc & Klinical – The Shaman (NickBee remix)

SILI – I Need You (ft Sammie Hall)

Benny L – User Code

Dj Zent – Raggamuffin

Instag8 – I Don’t Wanna 

Dj Zent & Bad Habitz – Now Or Never (Ft. MC Frost)

Konflict_- Messiah (Spor remix ZENT EDIT)  

Scorpio_- Trouble (ZENT EDIT) 

DJ ZENT – Champion DJ (Topcat DUB)

Dj Zent – Kingston Town 

Dj Zent – Diplodocus (BOOTY)

Upgrade – Ride Out

DJ Komatose – A Shade Darker (Ft MC Daddy G)    

Deekline, Ed Solo & Phibes – No No No (Phibes remix)

Dj Zent – Soundboy Chilla

Dj Zent – House Of Joy

Kommz – Tell

Sam Binga ft. Redders & Rider Shafique – Pound (Serum remix)

Charlie Kane – Play Mi Selecta

Odyssy & Posk – Baddest Badman

Hologram – Valve

DJ HAZARD – Never The Same

Indirekt & Master Error – Creepy

Jayline – Ugly (Xmas Dub)       

Sklart Mafia – Searching…        

Odyssy – Run

Dj Zent – Cha

Dj Zent – Sunnys & Gum 

ID – ID       


Bare Up – Turn Up The Dimensions

Dimension – Offender (Dimension & Grafix remix)

Mampi Swift – Gangster

Freaks & Geeks – Down With Your Love

Dominator – Hooked (T>I remix)

Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria (Pendulum remix)

Upgrade – Cannon

Filthy Habits – Street Scum (VIP)

Silvz – Drop Dem

Jayline – Reppin (DUBCLUB)     

Lee Mvtthews, Freaks & Geeks – Infinity

Hard Noize – ZENT HAT EDIT    

Dj Zent – Righteous

Dj Zent – Filthy Crew Dem

Deekline/Brian Brainstorm/Specimen A feat Sweetie Irie/MC B-Live/Killa P – Kill That Sound (Airglo remix)

DJ Dextrous – Lovable ft Erin Lordan (Shimon & Benny L remix) 

Teej & Disrupta – Duppy (feat Riko Dan)

Myth – Long Time

Break – Who Got Da Funk

Neo Remix ZENT HAT EDIT       

Klinical – Fader     

Dj Direkt – Crimes

Sota – Regret

Eronn feat. Glowing HARE – Feeling You       

Dj Zent – Awakening       


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