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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: DJ Zent


DJ Zent real name Matthew Horton is an independent Drum & Bass producer and DJ based in South London. With his productions, most of his creations fall within Dancefloor, Tech and Liquid as the main sub-genres. His ability and all-around versatile styles and sounds are unique and can be heard in all of his music.

DJ Zent is down to earth and open-minded, and he likes to listen to and support other artists. He has been making music for around 5 years and has so far seen his productions released on Calypso Muzak (Co-Lab Recordings) Raw Dnb and self-releases through his Zent Music. He has done a number of bootlegs, some of which we have given away as free downloads on DT. One of the free downloads, Beastie Boys ‘Intergalactic’ (DJ Zent BOOTLEG) is a massive track and has received almost 4000 streams on Soundcloud so far and still rising!

Zent also holds a monthly resident show on Rough Tempo and Code Red Radio. He also regularly appears as a guest on fellow artist shows on Kool London, Dose Radio and many more besides.

His music has received support from Starz and Deeza, Jonny B, DnB Dojo, D&B Politics and Dirty Mayhem amongst others.

After supporting DJ Zent for a while the next logical step for us was to get him on our Renegade Riddims mix series. He has delivered a really varied mix that includes music from himself, Exile, Mozey, Potential Badboy, Taxman, Waeys, Annix, Benny L & Inja, Chopstick Dubplate, Majistrate and loads more! Also, watch out for his new EP ‘Low Key’ which drops via Raw DnB on 9th October! (link to pre-save/buy here)

Check out DJ Zent’s mix below. As ever, this one’s a free download which you can grab from the button beneath the Soundcloud player! Enjoy!

DJ Zent artwork


1 Sunnys & Gum – DJ Zent
2 Get Down – Exile
3 Rolling Papers – Replicant
4 Low Key (final) – DJ Zent
5 Cash Man – D*MINDS
6 Erby – Leaf
7 EXE VIP – DJ Manga
8 Waiting Room – Mozey
9 The Lazy Riddem – Parasite
10 Don Daddaz – Agro, Mentah & Charlie Rotten
11 Dangerous (Refix) – Potential Badboy
12 Herb Affi Bun (Subcriminal remix feat General Jah Mikey) – Chopstick Dubplate
13 Badman – Chase Bankz
14 The Darkness – Instag8
15 Drummer – DJ Zent
16 Coin Toss – Teej
17 Operator – Chase Bankz
18 Born Again (Aries/Gold Dubs/Jacky Murda remix) – Tenor Fly
19 Rub-A-Dub – Metalman
20 Rock It Tonight (Marcus Visionary 2013 Jungle remix) – Johnny Osbourne
21 Next Level -True F_RMs
22 Start The Vibe feat MC Moose – G Dub
23 Bop – Addicted
24 Doberman Ft.Ward_21 – Doberman
25 Hush – DJ Zent
26 Awa – Waeys
27 Time Ft.Dionne – DJ Zent
28 Dante – Shayper
29 Stand Between – Substance
30 Tech Priest – QZB
31 Caesium – Annix
32 White Lies – Ruckus
33 Diagram – Annix, K Motionz, Simula
34 Raggamuffin – Shayper
35 Vanta Black – Benny L & Inja
36 The Moon (Original Mix) – Basstripper
37 Actualize – DJ Zent
38 Pick Em Out – Majistrate
39 You’re Mine (feat Yush – Annix remix) – Potential Badboy
40 Magnetic – Taxman


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