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Working with a Vocalist with Duvall from Disciples



In this video, Grahame Farmer chats with Duvall from chart-topping, house music group Disciples.

Formed of friends Duvall, Luke and Gavin, Disciples is designed to harness each member’s individual skills. “Gavin has an ear for percussion and beat-driven music, and I have an ear for melody and musical chorus and stuff like that, so the contrast complements each other. And Luke is fantastic with the arrangement and is quick on his feet with lyrics,” explains Duvall.

They met up at Amsterdam Dance Event to chat about working with a vocalist. Duvall is the main vocalist for Disciples and they also chatted about how to overcome over thinking and consistency within dance music.

Check out Duvall’s Youtube Channel over at Here  and check Duvall’s pre-amp – https://amzn.to/2DSUt9V  & Microphone’s mentioned – https://amzn.to/2zvGjZD


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