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Wolfmind debuts with double single “Inside” / “¿YouAre?”



Drawn from the spirit of The XX, The Knife and Acid House, you find Wolfmind.

Their new debut single was one of those nice surprise emails, you get them every now and then, where the person sending it says “you have to listen to this” and you expect it to be terrible but you listen anyways, this EP is the rare gem that you then play 5 times because its great!

The blurb says “It evokes the subconscious narrative that lies beneath folk tales of ancient forests and mythical creatures. New frontiers are explored through acid scorched songs that work on both underground dancefloors and festival stages. The pulse of a TB-303 is the centerpiece, a flashpoint for a live presentation built on an array of analog hardware, looped vocals and a dark pop sensibility”

We say go, go and listen to it now and enjoy this glorious mixture of acid and vocals.


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