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Wolfgang Voigt dedicates record to the Roland 303


kompakt303.jpgKompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt is set to mark his label’s impressive 303rd release with a 10″ celebrating the Roland TB-303.

It’s hard to believe this iconic synthesiser was unpopular when first released in 1982, so much so in fact, that production only lasted around 18 months. It wasn’t until several years later that the TB-303 suddenly shot to the forefront of the electronic music scene, becoming the foundation of acid house. Now recognised the world over, the squelchy bass of the TB-303 has inspired countless DJs, including Voigt, who was a heavy user of the synth in the past.The record will not be a commercial release but will be limited to 303 vinyl copies and will be included in the Total 14 compilations (out August 18), which you can order here. We can’t wait to relive the wonder years with this one!

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