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Watch: Art Department cover The XX



We are feeling very down tempo today, probably due to some Sunday afternoon partying we all did yesterday, so when this landed in our inbox just now its eased the heads massively in DT Towers.  Art Department have taken a detour into downtempo indie/funk for their surprising next release, with a complete re-imagining of the The xx’s track Crystalised.

It is masterfully re-built from the bottom up with Warpaint’s instrumentation and vocals from Martina Topley Bird and celebrated American singer-songwriter Mark Lanegan and all finished off with executive production by Jonny White & Anthony Middelton.

To accompany the release, there is a fantastic video (produced by Los Angeles’s 1/60 STUDIO, directed by Javier Badet) that pairs the singing-heads of Lanegan and Topley Bird with hi-budget animation and suitably overcast imagery.

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