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Trust Audio release compilation LP ‘Trust In Jungle’


Trust Audio is a Drum & Bass record label set up by Trex & Quest. Both veterans in the DnB scene, Trex & Quest put the label together as a means to release the kind of DnB that they love. The aim to bring together fellow artists in the scene that are producing the kind of beats that fit the Trust Audio sound. It also serves to provide another platform for their own music.

Trust In Jungle

Trust Audio follow up their superb 1st 10 releases with a various artists LP. It featuring some serious talent and legends. Aptly titled ‘Trust In Jungle’, this album takes us on a journey rolling through the rough terrain and scenic soundscapes of the many different paths of the Jungle. 13 tracks of sheer delight covering the whole Jungle spectrum.

The LP is released on 18th July and features tracks from Cybin, Dave Owen, Jaybee, Dawn Raid, Digital, Freeze and others. Today we premiere Zere & Gabriel Habit ‘Far As You Can’.

Gabriel Habit is one of the most dedicated soldiers in the American Drum & Bass scene. Having come up through the Los Angeles jungle alongside Splat Media crew mates Kronology.

Zere is a Drum & Bass Producer/DJ from Cleveland, OH and now based in Los Angeles. This is his third release on Trust Audio. He’s also released tracks on Mac II Recordings, Chronic Records, DSCI4.

Check out ‘Far As You Can’ below and grab a copy here