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Dave Owen, Calculon & Jaybee combine on ‘Comfort Zone’


Silent Dust‘s none60 Recordings imprint releases music with one foot in drum and bass and one foot in other more experimental stuff like footwork and juke etc. Often releases are at 160bpm. They’ve been casting their net far and wide for a while now and have managed to catch a host of mainly Americans for their latest release.

Between them they have delivered two slices of 160 goodness! Possibly one of the most energetic none60 singles in a while – this is going to get things moving!

We premiere the second track of the single ‘Comfort Zone’ which sees Dave Owen, Calculon and Jaybee come together each putting their own stamp on the track.

Dave Owen

Over the past few years, Dave Owen has risen to become one of the most highly sought after drum-n-bass producers in the United States. His soulful sensibilities have caught the attention of the genre’s upper echelon including LTJ Bukem, Fabio, Grooverider, John B, and several others. Watch for massive releases from him on Creative Source and Good Looking!


Calculon’s gargantuan beats have been destroying dancefloors for a decade, pushing the envelope at jungle, juke and hardcore parties around the globe. Tracks like “Larchmont,” “Back the Fuck Up,” and his most-recent stormer “Fierce” w/ Shamanga & Austin Speed have been played a lot on BBC Radio 1, RinseFM, and by dance music dons like Rockwell, Om Unit, Toddla T and Digital, while his label Shoot Recordings is continually on the cutting edge of uptempo sounds.


Raised in Connecticut, now residing in Florida, Jaybee is definitely one to keep your eye on. With releases on Liquid V, Chronic, Mac II, Good Looking, Innerground, Rubik, and a slew of other labels his music keeps going from strength to strength. Born to a radio DJ father he was raised listening to loads of different music genres that led him to hip hop and later on, drum and bass. His music is currently getting support by the likes of Bryan Gee, Randall, LTJ Bukem, Marky, D Bridge, A-Sides, PFM and Random Movement amongst a host of others.

Check out ‘Comfort Zone’ below and buy it from 22nd March here

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