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Todd Edwards NOT Remixing Daft Punk

Data Transmission February 15, 2013


Earlier on it was thought that Todd Edwards manager had sensationally let slip that his charge was to remix seminal electronic superstars Daft Punk. Now any news about future output from always garners a lot of interest but with news the Todd Edwards was to take the helm on one of their works only served to amplify interest in the potential project even further than usual.

However Todd Edwards has moved to scotch the rumors telling Clash Music “No, see that’s the thing – no-one said Daft Punk, I said a French duo! And it isn’t Daft Punk that I’m remixing. I’ll announce it once the remix is in, I’ll make an announcement on Twitter, but it was just kinda like to stir up a little chat, y’know… but its amazing how people take one statement and then turn it into something else, there’s other French groups out there you know!” So who are the mystery French duo Mr. Edwards will be remixing? And with interest so high in the Daft Punk remix that never was maybe the cool French pairing should give Todd a call!

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