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Here at Data Transmission we like our techno to big and bad (and occasionally bordering on sadomasochistic), which is why, when we heard Thomas Delecroix‘s new Sliders EP, we had to hit the Frenchman up for a Spotlight mix.

Across 3 tracks, the Sliders EP offers a cohesive vision of the hard-knock dancefloors of the future. Layers of digital power are scarred deep by sizzling, acidic lines that bubble and warp, hypnotising through sheer intensity.

Delecroix’s mix is much the same, blending pummelling percussion, crass synths and sheer fury to launch an all out assault on the eardrums. Featuring his own material, alongside work from Mind Machines, Martyn Hare, David Tarrida and more, this week’s Spotlight may be intimidating, but give it a chance and you’ll reap the rewards.

Thomas Delecroix’s Sliders EP is out February 29th on vinyl and digitally on 25th April via Rive Droite Records. Stream Delecroix’s exclusive Spotlight mix and check out the full tracklist below.


Thomas Delecroix – ARV Flux Liner (Original Mix) / Rive Droite Records
Danilo Incorvaia – MDE (Silentcell Remix) / Green Fetish Label
David Tarrida – What A State (Original Mix) / Gynoid Audio
Mind Machines – Critical (Original Mix) / Green Fetish Label
Enforming – Sluts & Valkyries (Original Mix) / Energun Records
UVL – Expander (Original Mix) / Counter Pulse
Oliver Kucera – Shadows (Original Mix) / Nightmare Factory
UVL – Skogen (Original Mix) / Energun Records
Thomas Delecroix – Unreleased Track
Martyn Hare – Techno Express (Original Mix) / Patterns
Thomas Delecroix – Hangar 1 (Original Mix) / Rive Droite Records
And – The Jellyfish (Original Mix) / CLR
Ayarcana – DLLR55 (Original Mix) / Moder Rave
Energun – Electric Border 4 (Original Mix) / Energun Records
Thomas Delecroix – Sliders (Original Mix) / Rive Droite Records