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Sound Designers Irrupt Launch with Granular Loop Structures

is a new sound source for producers designed to “inspire professional studio compositions, performances, and DJ sets to reach beyond what is formulaic, routine, and typical.”
Offering exclusive high quality loops and samples from “an anonymous network of highly respected producers,” Irrupt also presents a new digital audio format based on a “granular loop structure.” According to the press release, this system enables sounds to “interact in an unprecedented harmonious way,” thus offering original outcomes and inspiring new ideas.
Based in Denver and Berlin, Irrupt has also teamed up with DAW manufacturers Bitwig to offer an exclusive sound package containing 1GB of royalty-free samples to all users of the Bitwig software. The ‘Irrupt System’ sound pack is also aided by the ‘Irrupt Inspiration Generator’, another Bitwig device that helps harmonise the granular loops and generate groove patterns to help producers along the way.
For more information or to purchase, check out the Irrupt website.

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