Shazam Sign Deal With Beatport



British company and successful music app  Shazam today announced a new partnership with online music outlet Beatport that will grant Shazam’s millions of users access to the Beatport catalogue and dramatically improve coverage of electronic music within the app. Previously one of the criticisms of Shazam was it’s inability to ‘tag’ more obscure dance music tracks which is often all the more difficult to identify. Thus with another 1.5 million tracks added to it’s already 25 million strong database , and the continual adding of thousands of new and exclusive tracks every week it appears Shazam will be seriously entering the market for electronic music.  The new partnership promises to give fans a fast and easy way to find out the name and artist of their favourite tracks along with easy access to purchase them from Beatport. 

“Adding the Beatport catalog to Shazam’s database is a great way for fans of dance music to discover songs that are being played by DJs all over the world,” said Matthew Adell, CEO of Beatport.  “Our partnership with Shazam also gives DJs and producers exposure to an enormous audience of potential new fans.”

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