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Seth Troxler Buys Dave Haslam’s Record Collection



Remember when we told you Haçienda resident and celebrated music writer Dave Haslam was putting his entire record collection up for sale? Well it’s just been sold. To Seth Troxler. Yep, the inimitable DJ and producer has scooped up all 4300 slices of wax and needless to say, he’s considerably excited about his purchase.

“As a 30 year old there is only so much you can read about or hear through friends to imagine what it was like during the heyday of acid house and the Haçienda,” Troxler explains. “I think my great joy will be finding new music, hearing things I never knew existed from people forgotten through time.”

Whilst we can only imagine what treasures lie within the Manchester mainstay’s collection – with Haslam having helped define Manchester’s legendary Acid House scene as a key figure at arguably the UK’s most iconic club – we’re certain that Seth has snagged a bargain as he’s nabbed a small part of musical history.

Haslam said: “The records were bought by me to be played – it’s a working DJ’s collection – and Seth’s commitment to music and to vinyl is fabulous. There’s stuff in there he’ll know and love but stuff he’ll discover too, and through him, and thanks to him taking them on and playing them out, new audiences will discover them too, and enjoy them.”

Haçienda classics set anyone?



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