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Serato Unveils New ITCH Support for 2013

Data Transmission February 19, 2013


Electronic music software giant Serato has announced that its latest upgrade to Serato DJ 1.1.2  will now offer support for the Numark NS6 – The first of many ITCH controllers that will be supported in 2013 by Serato DJ. Users of the NS6 can upgrade to Serato DJ for FREE by downloading Serato DJ 1.1.2 from Serato.com/dj/downloads.

Sam Gribben, CEO of Serato, had this to say: “It’s been really exciting seeing the Serato DJ world unfold over the last 4 months. Our world-class development team, in partnership with our industry leading hardware partners, are thrilled with the progress of Serato DJ in this short period of time. We are very excited for our NS6 customers, the very first ITCH users able to upgrade and take advantage of the new features and improvements that they have been waiting for.”

We’ve listed the new features beneath further to the many already existing ones such as 4 deck mixing, having 8 cue points, recording and support for whitelable.net files. Onwards and upwards for Serato!

Serato DJ 1.1.2: Added Features

Autoplay When enabled, Serato DJ will play continuously through your library or selected crate.

Active Deck Display Active decks are now always displayed in two deck view modes for four deck controllers.

Mic/Aux Support Available now for supported controllers.

Bug and Stability Fixes Serato DJ 1.1.2 comes with added performance optimization and stability fixes. View all the details in the Serato DJ 1.1.2 Release Notes.

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